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Computer software today eases the problems of computing, managing and monitoring changes in the system. One tool in configuration management is called subversion. This tool is a version control system that began in 2000 by CollabNet Inc. This lets users to track the changes made to whichever kind of automated or electronic data, web pages, design documents and source code.

Subversion in configuration management today is a very popular tool that generally used as an alternative to Concurrent Version System (CVS). Tasks and projects that commonly use subversion involves KDE, GCC, Free Pascal, Python, Samba, Sakai, Apache Software Foundation, Mono and many more. and use subversion tool as their host their projects. BountySource system and Google Code are just some of the systems that use subversion exclusively. This tool is not just used in the IT industry. Subversion is making its name in the corporate world as well. It was highly praised as the solitary leader in the Standalone Software Configuration Management, Change Management and Software Configuration.

Configuration management tools are efficient if joined together with change management and CM processes in your company. This tool will allow the users to note and record the customized files. One of the advantages of subversion includes the versioned directories and file renames. Unlike others you are limited to delete the file just to move it and add it once more. Subversion can also determine the distinctive features of binary file and text, and it is also very efficient in both kinds of files. In configuration management, it is very important to have the right kind of software and tools to help you in managing your system. Every organization needs quality tools that will aid project managers and configuration managers in applying the changes in the system. And Subversion is a great to tool to make all of these possible.

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