Computing and Information Systems: Working Together in Automating Processes

An information system, when defined as simple as possible, is just a set of input, people, and processes all working together to produce relevant output to the designer and implementer of the system. The people take the raw and meaningless data and turn it into something meaningful by performing the processes defined within the system.

Before the age of computers, information systems were mostly done manually to manage an organization’s data. However, as the use of computers became more and more widespread, computing and information systems grew increasingly tied together. In fact, nowadays, when someone says ‘information system,’ more often than not he refers to ‘computer information systems.’

So just how do computing and information systems work together? Nowadays, the roles performed by people are minimized. Most of the tasks held by people in current information systems are overseers and supervisors in case something goes amiss. But in general, the acts of gathering and processing raw data and producing usable and valuable data can be done by computers. Information systems have become fully automated.

The importance of computing and information systems is illustrated not only by the sheer number of systems implemented by numerous organizations, businesses, companies, and corporations all over the world on a daily basis, but also by the high demand of professionals with a strong academic background on computer science majoring on information systems. The role of the people has been changed from doer of the processes involved in information systems to the designer of the system themselves.

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