Configuration Management Are All The Same

Project management and ITIL® all have configuration management.  Under project management, control of the characteristics of a product or service is the focus of configuration management.  It also has a focus on the deliverables of the project and could be a part of the change control system of many projects.  Others may already have configuration management in their existing operations.  In general, configuration management all have a tight relationship with change control because its goal is to ensure that the project is aligned with the project goals.

In the information technology infrastructure library or ITIL®, configuration management all fall under the service management process and can still be integrated with the change management process.  It focuses on the effective and efficient management of change through the most up-to-date, precise, and complete information about all the infrastructure components.  Configuration management should be able to control the implementation of change and change requests should be entered into the configuration management database or CMDB. 

CMDB is a system that integrates all the information and documentation of configuration management so that the service support group can access it and incidents and problems can be worked out in the easiest and most efficient way.  This is made possible because all records of are made readily available in the configuration management database.

Configuration management all provide a form of identifying, controlling, maintaining and verifying logically the model of the infrastructure.  Configuration management account for all the IT assets, configurations, information, documentation, and support for the organization and the service management process.  It provides a core for verifying configuration records of incident management, problem management, change management and release management.


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