Configuration Management as a Cost Saving Tool

Business organizations rely on their Information Technology personnel to update, change and modify the existing software and hardware components of a network whenever it is deemed necessary. When you are in the middle of a software development project, what do you think will happen if one person makes a change in the system without following a set of procedures? If the change is not properly document, there will be no continuity in the updating process which may lead to delays in the delivery of the products and services that your company offers. This is the reason why configuration management is a very important part of running an organization. There are four benefits brought about by having an efficient configuration management process. First, you will be able to identify the changes that the software needs to undergo. Second, configuration management will serve as a communications tool between one IT personnel to another. Third, there will be continuity when a system is being updated or changed. Finally, configuration management is effective in cost control. Read on to learn how configuration management can be used as a cost saving tool.

Configuration management is used in cost control in the sense that it will be easier to isolate the problem on a particular network. By keeping track of the changes made in a computer system, it will be easier to recognize the problem spot and fix it  rather than reviewing or testing the entire system which may be too costly in terms of labor and troubleshooting costs. Aside from having financial benefits, it will also be easier all the way round in maintaining and recognizing the problem areas.  With these cost-saving benefits and more, configuration management should definitely be your top priority.

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