Configuration Management In Commercial Unix Platform

Unix has become one of the leading operating systems today.  From its humble beginnings as a project based work to its now very important role in the industry, Unix has become a very strong and easy to use operating system for everyone.  And since its conception more than 30 years ago, many commercial Unix variants have come up since. Commercial Unix is a type of Unix program that has been modified from its original make in order to run only on specific hardware.  More and more companies are using their configuration management in the commercial Unix platform.

With the development of the X Window system, commercial Unix configuration management has become easier.  The X Window system has become an industry standard in the configuration management of commercial Unix even though there are many sophisticated configuration management tools available for use outside of the commercial Unix platform.

Using commercial Unix in configuration management has many benefits for the end users.  One of them is the significant drop in software (and sometimes hardware) cost. Commercial Unix is rather inexpensive and very flexible because they have been specifically programmed to run on the hardware they were designed for and therefore, will be very stable, secure and easily upgradable.

And since most commercial Unix based configuration management have their roots in the original AT&T codebase, they will be very portable, adaptable and are easy to mange and modify.  Commercial Unix configuration management platforms runs on the most basic desktop to the biggest mainframes.  Its dependability is unmatched.

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