Configuration Management Plan  Making Use of the Configuration Management Planning Toolkit

When you have a goal in mind, what are the steps that you need to take to achieve it? You may say that before anything else, you must have the much needed preparation. Some may claim that they must have the proper mindset and focus to eliminate the possible constraints that may come along their way. A plan of action must be established. The same goes for configuration management, wherein a certain plan has to be in place first to ensure that everything is under control as far as creating or supporting project deliverables is concerned.

It is but a sad reality that creating a configuration management plan (CM plan) is such a complex task to do. It requires a great deal of effort, plus the lengthy time that it may take for you to finish it. Aside from this, creating a CM plan requires experience and a range of knowledge and skill sets before you can come up with one. To make it easier to develop a CM plan, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL® has devised a support kit known as the Configuration Management Planning Toolkit.

The Configuration Management Planning Toolkit acts as an excellent framework of the configuration management process as it is comprised of different essential components necessary to better understand the concepts behind configuration management. Such components include identification guidelines for configuration management, audit and review, roles and responsibilities of the CM team, communication plan and so on. These were presented in MS Word document and can be purchased for only $199 at this web site:

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