Configuration Management Software Tools  Simplifying The Task of Controlling System Changes

Keeping up with the demands of the growing dependency on Information Technology nowadays is such a daunting task. Software applications come and go, hardware devices keep on upgrading and tools used to develop such have gone from plain simple to extremely complex. Information Technology is evolving drastically and the teams that are working together in introducing innovative products and services are the ones responsible behind such progress. Because of this, peoples lives will never be the same again.

Configuration management is one of the components of IT as it is responsible in controlling the changes made to complex systems such as hardware devices and software applications. To simplify this task, a lot of configuration management software tools have been developed. Here are some of them:

(a) AccuRev SCM – Developed by AccuRev Inc. (previously Ede Development Enterprises), AccuRev SCM is a software configuration management tool designed as a foundation of ALM (application lifecycle management) process by combining SCM techniques with IDEs and other lifecycle tools.

(b) ClearCase – From IBM/Rational (previously Pure Atria), ClearCase runs on MS Windows and Unix platforms. It has advanced capabilities aside from configuration management functions and version control. These include logical version labeling and local site customizing.

(c) Software Manager – Produced by Vertical Sky (from Mortice Kern Systems, Inc. Group), Software Manager has a total project management facilities package with new reporting capabilities, new configuration language, and file promotion.

(d) TeamWare – Developed by SunSoft, TeamWare is a visual code management tool with combined features of both configuration management and software development processes.

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