Configuration Management Tool Descriptions Provided

A lot of companies are now providing commercially available configuration management tools with the objective of making life easier for CM professionals and the likes. With the growing number of configuration management tools that can be purchased or downloaded for free on the internet, you will find it a bit challenging to find the program that best suits your needs. To give you a brief description about these configuration management tools, please refer to the list below:

(a) +1 CM – can support several users working on the same project over a network. – supports process management – GUI is based on the source code graphical calling structure – provides support for ADA libraries – can be downloaded at

(b) CM Synergy – developed by Telelogic – interactive development environment – client/server platform – is available at

(c) Code Co-op – server-less control system which enable programmers to exchange scripts via the internet – is available at

(d) Corporate RCS – from Thompson Automation Software – software versions are being managed over several platforms – can be downloaded at

(e) Disciplined Software Management – developed by Saint Mavris Technology – client/server system – consists of 3 functional areas namely: Software Development, Software Management and Discipline 4GL – server transactions can be called upon remotely. – tailored to exact user methodology and requirements – is available at

(f) Endeavor Workstation – from Computer Associates International – automates software configuration management – can be downloaded at

(g) PCM – stands for Product Configuration Management – developed by Tesseract Technology – available for free – can be downloaded at


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