Configuration Management Tools for UNIX Systems

Configuration management software tools are designed to make it easier for CM professionals to carry out the processes and techniques needed to control change in a certain system life cycle. Because different companies have different platforms that they can use to manage their own system, configuration management software tools also come in various platforms. Some tools are designed solely for Windows, some for MAC OSX, some for Linux systems, and some software programs can also be run to more than one platform.

There are also some CM software tools that can only be run in UNIX systems. UNIX software automation and configuration management applications reduce cost and increase productivity of system administrators. Because of this, system outages are most unlikely to occur.

Here are some of configuration management tools that can be used in UNIX systems:

(a) ClearCase Multisite –  It provides support for software reuse and parallel development across different locations, even without the use of a network connection. For more information, please visit the site:

(b) Control – CS –  It is an SCM tool that offers a client-server product. Visit the suppliers web site for more information:

(c) Serena ChangeMan DS – It is a complete configuration management tool that offers version control, process control, release / build management, and software distribution among other features. For more information, please visit the site:

(d) MainSoft Visual SourceSafe for UNIX –   This tool includes an extensive functionality to help web developers in uploading files to live web sites and testing hypertext links. More information is provided at the site:

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