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Configuration management as defined by the site Wikipedia states that the term configuration management has different meanings in the field of Information Technology and in telecommunications. One of these is the management of the different assurances and features by controlling the changes made to the software, hardware, documentation, firmware, test fixtures and the documentation of an information system that is automated during the development and the operational life of a particular system. Revision control and source code management is part of this process. Another meaning of Configuration Management is controlling the changes made to the software, hardware, firmware and the documentation during the lifecycle of the system that are recorded.

The third meaning of Configuration Management defined by Wikipedia is the adaptation and control of the development of complex systems. Configuration Management is a discipline that keeps the evolution of the software products under control, so as to contribute to quality satisfaction and constraints in delay. It states that SCM or Software configuration Management can be divided into two areas. The first area which is the old definition tells that SCM is an area that concerns the storage of the units produce during the development of the software project that is sometimes called the component repository management. The second area is about the activities performed for the production of the units. The second area is referred to as the engineering support. The fourth definition of Configuration Management states that evaluation and approval of the changes made should be done after establishing the configuration.

The different kinds of Configuration Management are defined in the context of Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL®.

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