Consultancy Woes Answered By Six Sigma Academy

A very popular consulting firm that one can turn to for help in six sigma training is a company called Six Sigma Academy (or SSA). This leading institution is a premier process development firm that focuses on the improvement of processes in two levels: statistical and tactical. Thanks to SSA, a lot of individuals and organizations have been able to achieve their industry goals and reap the benefits of being able to save their respective companies millions and millions of dollars year in and year out. Six Sigma Academy teaches their clients how to eliminate waste as well as improve their cycle times and cut down on variation. Six Sigma Academy also lets them in on the biggest trends that can help increase the quality of relationships and reinforce corporate cultures. Simply put, six Sigma Academy gets down to business and teaches it clients how to deal with real life situations in six sigma using tried and tested real life applications that the company was able to develop after so many years of extensive research.

In particular, Six Sigma Academy targets improvement tools such as Lean and Design for Six Sigma (or otherwise known as DFSS) in order to pinpoint, carry out and close a project. Indeed, Six Sigma Academy can be nicknamed as everyone’s go to guy when the going gets tough and the professionals get stuck in a Six Sigma rut! After all, a company that helps you cut down costs and eliminate rewards sure is well worth the time and effort one will take in order to adapt its tried and tested system.

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