Controlling your ISO 9000 Documents

Would it not be great to do things as you have planned it to be and at the same time, conforming to the regulatory laws set by governing bodies? For some companies, conformance is to avoid being questioned but for some proactive companies conformance is doing things right with the result of achieving certain goals.

The ISO 9000 document contains the process descriptions and job instructions of what employees are supposed to do in carrying out the activities in the production. Employees need to be informed of what to do, so that errors during production will not occur and quality is maintained all throughout. These processes and procedures should be documented and should be monitored and controlled. The ISO 9000 document should be controlled. It becomes part of the audit. prior to registration.This documentation is used by the registrar in developing audit plans prior to his audit of your company.

Some service providers offer a tool or a system to undertake document control on ISO 9000. This document control system offers a comprehensive, full-cycle validation, including IQ, OQ, and PQ validation tests. It can continuously develop new procedures in cutting the time required in validating a system. Validation software upgrades becomes easier and such minimize the validation costs.

ISO 9000 document control is the key in attaining quality and compliance. To be able to control quality is to control quality documentation such as SOPs, policies, and quality manuals. ISO 9000 document control is necessary as it provides a preventive measure ensuring that only approved documentations are used. The use of inadvertent out of date documents could result to negative result on quality, costs and customer satisfaction.

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