Corporate Heroes in Six Sigma Master Black Belts

More than all of the high-flying Bruce Lees or dragon-kicking Jackie Chans and all those other famous karate idols and champions we see in movies and television shows, black belts are all the rage in yet another domain of our diverse societal existence. In the world of business and technology, a savior of sorts is not a knight that neither rides a strong steed nor is he a karate-chopping ninja-star throwing Asian master  instead, the heroes of this world are the Six Sigma master black belts who have the answer to all the need of six sigma-using companies.

Not content with simply settling for black belt, six sigma master black belts take professionalism up one notch by being responsible for effective strategic implementations that ensure the efficient operations of any organization. It is a tough task for them. The main responsibilities of a master black belt in Six Sigma include the training and mentoring aspect of lower belts  that is, ordinary black belts and even lower ranked green belts. They also help to prioritize, select as well as charter a lot of high-impact projects and serve to maintain the integrity of a company according to Six Sigma standards and measurements. Thinking about training for a six sigma master black belt? Fear not! You not only need the determination for it, but also the four weeks that you will immerse yourself in head-on training before finally emerging as the successful and deserving individual who gets his master black belt status at the end of it all.

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