Course 101: Learning the Podcasting World

There are a lot of podcasting courses that one can learn.  In fact, podcasting is very diverse and dynamic that learning everything about podcasting will require great effort to complete it.  There are course outlines that were specifically structured to cater beginners and neophytes in podcasting.  Below is a similar framework for a course designed for beginners:

a.    The history of podcasting and how it continued to evolve.  This is the initial step that learners should take.  Getting acquainted with the podcasting terms and the people who developed it will somehow create a great awareness that will tap your interest with podcasting.
b.    The steps to build, create, and publish a podcast.  This is a section of the course where the learner will have an actual exposure on how to create a podcast, build it based on his or her own preference, and execute it on the Internet.  
c.    The various applications of podcasting.  Podcasting should not be seen as merely recording of audio and music files.  More to that, it should be seen as a diverse and dynamic form of technology that is capable of being used and utilized in many aspects.
d.    The other forms of podcasts.  More often, we see the world of podcasting as equated with music and audio.  Podcasting can also involve videos and images. This part of the course will allow learners to get exposed with another dimension of podcasting.  
e.    The ways on how you can subscribe to podcasts.  Podcasting is a potent way to earn and generate money.  This is being made through podcasting subscriptions.  This section of the course material will allow the learner to get full exposure on where they can subscribe and how these subscriptions can impact the podcast.  

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