Course ITIL

Course ITIL®

The Art of Service is a company dedicated to ITIL® service, management training and consultancy. It offers courses in ITIL® to give you a better understanding of the IT Infrastructure library. A course in ITIL® prepares you to offer better solutions in your IT sector organization.

The Art of Service offers three courses in ITIL®: foundation course ITIL®, practitioner’s course ITIL® and service manager course ITIL®. We only offer certified courses in ITIL®, which are recognized by EXIN. To pursue an ITIL® practitioner or service manager course, you are required to have the ITIL® foundation certificate. The foundation course is a three-day course that provides you an overview of the ITIL® processes and activities. The practitioner course can be taken as a two-day or five-day course, which involves you actively in the process design and implementation of ITIL® processes and activities. The service manager’s course is for people responsible for implementing the ITIL® service management in the organization.

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