CPAs Have An Edge In IT Governance Positions

Information technology has truly dominated the business world.  Today, most businesses
have a form of IT in its processes in one way or another.  With more and more businesses
going IT worldwide, IT governance and the need for a director for IT governance also
increased.  Usually, the IT governance director has is also the CIO or the Chief
Information Officer.  People with an accounting background or CPA’s are being
preferred in this field.

There are now several opportunities for the CPA in being an IT governance director.  No
longer is the CPA buried to the books and ledgers, calculators, and tons of paperwork. 
CPAs are now being offered IT governance director jobs because of their keen sense of
detail, monitor, and control.

You can seldom find an accounting department that has no computer in it.  With
automation a regular scene in every business, CPAs become IT governance directors are
a common possibility and are being sought by business owners who want to have that
competitive edge over other companies.  And with information technology only going
more and more complex, IT governance and its need for a director is a job perfectly
suited for the CPA.

Because IT governance relies heavily on the COBIT system to provide a solution for
different IT stakeholders in starting up, implementing, maintaining, managing and
updating IT governance life cycles, CPAs who want to become the IT governance
director are expected to have a proper knowledge and background of COBIT including
documentation procedures, reporting, IT implementation and others.  COBIT is not a
solution in itself.  It is a guide to the solution so the IT governance director can use his
CPA background to provide the necessary solution for the IT governance

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