Cracking the Code: First Dibs on the CCIE Security Written Exam

After several years of working with Cisco systems and applying all your knowledge in the workplace, your next step is probably to take the CCIE certification exam. This exam is a sure way to recharge your career and make you seem all the more professional in this industry, because passing it means being able to command a higher salary and become a leader of any CCIE team of any company or organization.

Of course, the test itself is pretty hard, what with one hundred multiple choice questions which you need to answer within a total of two whole hours. And with Cisco having such a broad range of topics and sub concepts, how will you be able to trim down your studies for the test? To start off, the CCIE exam will have a general networking component. Here, you will need to study about the basics of networking, including OSI layers, Switching (VTP, VLANs, Spanning Tree, etc), TCP/IP Protocols, IP Multicast, and Routing Protocols (including EIGRP, RIP, and BGO, among others). 

It also tackles the subject of Security General, so be prepared to face questions that are related to the best security policies and the best practices for security, different kinds of information security standards (which also include ISO 17799, BS 7799 and ISO 27001), different Standard Bodies, BCP 38, Common RFCs (example, RFC1918 and RFC2401), questions about attacks and vulnerabilities and security audit and validation may also come out. This truly is comprehensive, but working on such a task will be worth the effort you make!

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