Crafting a Credible MCP Resume

If you have been employed in the past, or are now employed, you probably know what a resume is. But how does one go about crafting an MCP resume that an employer will be overjoyed to read?

First of all, when trying to get Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status, it is always best to go straight to the masters for accreditation  meaning, look for information from the Microsoft Certified Professional Career Center.

This Career Center permits you to post up to five separate resumes of your own at the same time (thus increasing the odds that an employer will find you and like what he reads about you.) This gives you five possible jobs that you could apply for  provided you are accredited for them.

So what type of job should you apply for? Hiring managers are taught to weed out from the hiring process both under-qualified and over-qualified candidates who are applying for the same position. Under-qualified candidates are those who simply lack the appropriate accreditation, knowledge and skills for the job. You might be considered over-qualified if you trained for a more advanced form of accreditation, or have actually trained for that position you are applying for now years ago. An over-aged applicant can also be considered over-qualified. The reason hiring managers weed out even over-qualified candidates is because the theory goes that such employees will be dissatisfied working in a position where many of their advanced capabilities get rusty.

This is why employment can be likened to a rat race  those who lag behind lose out on many opportunities (like getting the big cheese at the end of the race.) So now you know why many people get upset when they fail to get proper accreditation under the timeframe they wish  even if they do get the accreditation later on, employers may choose younger candidates over older ones.


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