Creating a Page Banner using the Web 2.0

It is a common knowledge that the Internet is capable of providing its users the means and methodologies on how they can come up with a banner design that is intricately and beautifully made. However, what majority of the users do not know is that there is or should I say there are tools borne out of the same concept that they can use in a more simplified and easy way.  These tools are bearing the similar concept of Web 2.0. 

Web 2.0 is such a dynamic method that one can use in terms of designing and developing the contents of the website. This capacity to do that is basically because of the numerous compatible application softwares that can run and execute the Web 2.0. Some of the frontrunners in the usage of the Web 2.0 are the Extensible Markup Language or the XML, best scripting language that you can use in creating and designing the web content such as the banner, the AJAX language,  which is best in running and executing large databases of the web site, and the DHTML or the Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language which is just the same in function and contribution as the XML software, however, this application is more capable of putting web effects to the site. 

Web page banners are capable of being made in not so intricate manner. In fact, this can be created and made in just a snap if you only know the right and appropriate tools that you have at hand. 

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