Creating the Proper Service Level Agreement

Creating a service level agreement is extremely essential in an organization. A well prepared SLA serves as a tool for communication by the service provider and the customer. Service level agreements come in many range depending on the contract and the project being agreed upon.

Whatever kind of service level agreement is made, it is important to include the five essential parts of an SLA. First is the definition of the kind of service to be provided. Stating the descriptions specified for the services required is needed to give the customer an idea on what they have to expect. It is the duty of the service provider to make a list of the descriptions of the services that includes the applications and other functions of the project or business. Second are the service standards. After defining the services to be provided, the next step is to consider the policies and standards for the services made. The standards must include aspects like reliability and availability of the services. The third part is the duration of the SLA; state when the contract will start and expire. It is a typical part of any contract.

Another part that must be included is the roles and responsibilities of both parties. The service provider and customer both have their respective obligations in the agreement. The last part is the assessment of the criteria. Setting and evaluating the criteria is important in determining the performance of the project or organization.

The above mentioned parts are the essential elements to provide a good service level agreement. Preparing the proper SLA will be beneficial to both parties of the agreement to have a healthier working relationship.

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