Critical Six Sigma Information to Ensure Company Survival

Almost everything about Six Sigma can be found on the Internet.  Just by typing Six Sigma on every search engine query can yield thousands of sites that are dedicated to the practice of Six Sigma.  So it would not be difficult to find information on this improvement management technique, especially for new managers who want to improve their knowledge and skills in handling management issues.

Six Sigma is a very important methodology to improve the processes involved in producing a product, delivering services, and starting new projects.  This is a data driven approach to determine weaknesses in the system.  Inefficiency in the organization of companies and inferior implementation of management plans can result to sub-standard products.  If this happens, the customer ratings of the company would be adversely affected and expect that profit margins and customer loyalty will go down.  This is a very dangerous situation because the existence of a company depends on the continued support and patronage of its clients.  To avoid this scenario, companies should implement Six Sigma projects in their organization to restructure problem areas that are causing defects in the products.

It is therefore essential for every manager to have a firm grasp of Six Sigma principles in order to ensure that company products and services always pass the quality specifications of customers.  By eliminating defects in the system and organization, managers would be able to deliver top of the line products and services at reduced cost.  In doing this, company competitiveness and survival would be ensured.

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