Critical VMware 64 bit extension for Supporting Multiple Platforms

The ability of hybrid VMware 64 bit extension support enables virtualization of enterprise related and memory intensive programs such as data mining and database management.  The VMware 64 bit extension support follows the capability of 64 bit machines to run applications using 32 bit and 64 bit under an operating system with 64 bit configuration.  In this way, the extension support will allow installation of VMware virtual machines with 64 bit configuration on host systems running under the same set-up. 

The virtual machines will also not conflict with 32 bit applications because it will allow its use on the current platform.  It will just be moved to the 32/64 bit applications without altering the original configuration of the program.  The VMware extension support also provides room for legacy 16 bit applications to run seamlessly on the virtual PC having 64 bit platform.  This is a powerful feature because it will allow any applications written for different platform to run and operate on virtual machines configured under VMware systems.

Companies therefore can consolidate all their 16 / 32 / 64 bit platforms into a unified workstation thus eliminating the need for expensive upgrades of hardware resources.  Although for highly memory intensive programs such as database management, companies may have to upgrade their systems memory capacity.  Upgrades on memory capacity will eliminate the danger of system crashes due to insufficient memory, system slow down, and system hang.  The introduction of 64 bit extension support also extended virtualization of the entire enterprise network which can improve the computing power of companies.


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