Current Trends in the Virtualization Market

The world of virtualization and the virtual IT environment is growing.  More and more enterprises are migrating their technologies towards virtualization to maximize their computing resources and physical IT infrastructures.  With these developments, software developers and application providers are also following the trend.  They are boosting more powerful virtualization solutions in order to cater the growing demand of the market.  It is no wonder that the virtualization market is now a $15 billion industry.  This is due to the increased spending of companies on virtualization applications and products.

Of course, favorable market scenarios open up greater opportunities especially for software developers and application vendors.  It is not surprising therefore to see very stiff and cutthroat competition among virtualization market leaders.  A mark of accelerated market competition for virtualization products is the increasing number of acquisitions and mergers of software companies.  Actually, acquisition is a more apt term because giant players continue to gobble up middleware developers to increase their market advantage. 

Today, the virtualization market is literally dominated by few software companies.  This led some IT analysts to speculate that the virtualization market is heading towards monopolization.  If this happens, consumers would be adversely affected.  The fear has solid grounding due to the accelerated rate of acquisitions and consolidation of software few software companies.

On the other hand, some sectors believe that due to the increasing demand of enterprises for more sophisticated virtualization product, the market would eventually prosper because developers will continue to develop new technologies.  This will fuel further growth and faster market build up for virtualization applications.

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