Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Beginners In the World of Sales

Customer Relationship Management (also known as just CRM) is a way of identifying target customers, creating marketing programs for such target customers, selling specific products and services to target customers, and then providing support services to the same customers after a sale has been finished. CRM can be said to be a whole new discipline in sales and marketing that goes beyond just wanting to sell to make a profit and tries to examine how a sales person can literally manage his relationship with a specific customer for a certain sales-related purpose.

For a CRM approach to be effective, modern sales managers and their teams may be dependent on a host of technologies and organizational functions so that selling becomes more than just a knee-jerk reaction to a need to make a profit. When we speak of technology helping sales people in CRM, it may mean using IT systems to capture and store specific data about specific customers so that sales of products in the future can progress further. This could mean storing the customer profile of Customer A so that next time she buys pantyhose at the department store, the sales staff can also offer her great looking shoes for women that would look perfect with those pantyhose. But for that technology side to be functional, it should be coupled with the organizational function of compensating the sales staff enough so that they feel it is worth their while to keep up with the trends in the life of Customer A so that they may make future offers to that Customer and close future sales.

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