Dash to Success with Business Intelligence Dashboard

The business intelligence dashboard is one nifty tool that can help many business intelligence practitioners work their way through the business intelligence system in a much more efficient and time saving manner. There are two very important features of this tool, which are integration and visualization. The information will be made available to the manager by way of a graphics display that is called the dashboard. Similar to that highly important part of a car s interior, the business intelligence dashboard performs the same function by reporting the different key data regarding the company s organizational performance and has different options that can be chosen in real time mode and in an integrated manner.

Many pundits of business intelligence systems like to think that dashboards are mere eye candy for the managers who use them. They think that dashboards are just a fad that is fast-gaining popularity in the game and it is just promoted by consultant and vendors. However, business intelligence dashboards actually do a lot to help the enterprise managers come up with better access and control to many powerful analytical tools and systems in a more user-friendly environment so they do not spend time getting overwhelmed with the many ways to control and customize the interface. They also do well to support an analysis of the entire organization and allow managers to come up with a more integrated decision-making system. That being said, it is now quite difficult to see the business intelligence dashboard as something that is a token tool or an eye candy  as some critics put it. It is all a matter of getting perspective and seeing how much a particular tool can help a particular member of the organization do his or her job.

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