DBA at Large! The Role of a DBA in Service Level Agreement

When something goes wrong within a system, a database administrator or DBA is the person you need to contact. DBA has a lot of duties and responsibilities and one of these is the creation of reasonable service level agreements or SLA. In the IT industry, many service level agreements have been established to promote a good working relationship between the IT provider and its subscribers. Like any other system, there are times when service interruptions occur and the database administrator is the person to call when such unfortunate events happen.

Some of the roles of the DBA are the following: (a) Software installation and hardware maintenance; (b) Security administration and data recovery; and (c) Database design and optimization. The DBA’s responsibility is to bring the database backward on a state before the damage is done. To prevent security leaks from happening, the DBA will see to it that no unauthorized persons should break into the system. The DBA also manages the access rights of people, making sure that every legitimate person will be granted permission to company resources. To ensure the performance of hardware devices and software applications, the DBA runs thorough tests and backs up data on a regular basis. This is where the DBA comes in to the picture as far as SLA is concerned.

The DBA is the one being consulted if indeed the conditions written in the contract are feasible. Since the DBA and technicians are the ones maintaining the system, they are held responsible when system error occurs. It is but a reality that both they and the end users should agree at certain extent to meet the objectives and conditions of the agreement.


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