Debating MCSE CCNA Advantages and Disadvantages

You may be asking yourself which is a better form of IT certification to get – MCSE or CCNA? The truth is that both have their advantages and any disadvantages are overcome if you happen to own both types of certifications.

This is because MCSE standards developer Microsoft and CCNA products and standards developer Cisco Systems Inc. have wisened up when it comes to the type of standards which applicants and test takers have to live up to. MCSE is for those who are responsible for creating business-oriented IT solutions while CCNA is for those who have to produce networking solutions dependent on Cisco products.

Since both are now much harder to get than they were years before, the value of each has gone up much more as well. Now, if you get both, will there be disadvantages? It depends on how you managed to pass either or both.

Some people used to rely on exam prompters known as braindumps which meant simply using route memorization of blind independent facts which are routinely placed in the MCSE and CCNA exams so that the person using the braindumps could pass those certification exams. The problem is, route memorization does not give you a working understanding of how the Microsoft and Cisco systems work either individually or as a cohesive system.

What happens next is that you wind up with an IT techie who really cannot troubleshoot the Microsoft or Cisco system even if he were to be shot for failing. The key to being well-versed in the Microsoft and Cisco products is to know how the systems work from start to finish – thus becoming literally an expert.

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