Decrease Visitor Bounce Rate: Impressing Profit

The reason why employers seek to employ the use of websites to sell their products or services is simply caused by profit. With having a website or not, the only difference is the profit to be derived from it, or if the website is used incorrectly, the expense.

Of course, it cannot be denied that having a website printed along with the company card is good for the eyes of any beholder. This makes having websites seem good to have, and in this scenario is the flaw.

When people browsing the Internet are looking for specific items to buy, they don’t necessarily linger and because of this, they bounce away. As much as the colorfulness of the website is concerned, to a harried person, it is just colors.

They tend to think of it in terms of a nuisance, or much like a TV commercial.
In websites, the people must always see first:
•    What they want.
In this, giving them bits and pieces of the products will not humor them.
They might not even see the humor at all, as they’ve already exited.
And as follow up to this, the website developers must:
•    Expect the questions to be asked by the visitors, and be ready with the answers, posted on easily seen areas of the website.

The result would most probably be less colorful, but there will definitely be a decrease in the bounce rate. And while appearances do matter, decreasing the bounce rate is something that must be answered first.

It’s always best to remember that no matter how flashy the website may be, there are still other websites out there that’ll offer the same product. This is what the visitors are thinking, so try to sell and not impress.

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