Define ITIL

Define ITIL®

Customizable and set of best practice recommendations for common definitions and terminology, to leverage performance in the IT sector; best define ITIL® or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a framework of the globally accepted IT sector practices for IT service management.

The parameters that define ITIL® insist on having consistent, documented and repeatable processes to better serve the businesses aligned with IT. It is like an interface between the business and the technology and works on elements like business perspective, service management, service support, service delivery, security management and ICT structure.

ITIL® has been promoted as a standard for IT service management. It is similar to Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL), Application Services Library (ASL), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT). The process-model view of controlling and managing business processes define ITIL®.

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