Defining Outlook CRM for Newbies

When we call a software product an Outlook CRM product, we mean that it is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is based on the Microsoft Outlook program. One such Outlook CRM product comes from Avidian Technologies and is called the Prophet 4.0 Sales CRM program. Avidian Technologies has snared awards for its Prophet range of products which are geared specifically for use by sales teams and corporations of varying sizes, industries and locations.

The Prophet allows members of sales teams and other employees to work together to manage customer data, CRM needs, and sales-related information of varying types.

The Prophet system is subdivided into either Easy Sales Contact Management Software or Effective Sales CRM Software. Under the Easy Sales Contact Management category, you can use the Prophet for identifying customers as either contacts or via the companies they work for; organizing these names into either contacts lists or company lists; monitoring and reviewing every customer based on the history, sales opportunities, and communications; and use your mouse to tap into various other functions. Under the Effective Sales CRM Software category, you can use any pre-existing or newly-created contact or email to make more sales opportunities; monitor information like emails, notes, or appointments for every sales opportunity; then check on your pipeline based on the headings of sales stage, current status, sales revenues, and closing dates (among other fields that could be used.)

Avidian Technologies expects that if you use the Prophet system, you will find sales performance improving, start-up time for projects revving up sooner, less time used up on needless tasks, you will understand your sales funnel more, and prospects will be able to communicate better with you.

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