Defining SAP SOA For Newbies

SAP AG is a German company which is considered the biggest software enterprise in all of
Europe, and is also the third-largest software concern in the whole world.

SAP was able to develop an SOA solution geared mainly for medium-sized client companies (a
market which is experiencing quick expansion at the moment.) The SAP SAO solution is called
SAP Business ByDesign, a system that SAP classifies under the on-demand business software
category and is founded on enterprise SOA.

This SAP SOA is considered a complement to the other SAP SOA solutions which were offered
to small-sized businesses (as well as other medium-sized clients) in the past. SAP Business
ByDesign is anchored on four core principles, namely, ease of use, completeness,
adaptability, and the capacity to reduce cost of ownership to a vast degree.

Cost reduction is a main selling point of the SAP Business ByDesign solution because this
SAP SOA does not require much user training, purchase of hardware, service and support, as
well as hiring of IT specialists. This SAP SOA relies on the SAP NetWeaver platform so that,
in the future, end users can keep the flexibility they require to amend business processes
in a market environment which seems to keep changing, and is now changing fast.

This SAP SOA product is available for clients in Germany and the US, after it was
introduced to a key group of early customers. Eventually, it may be offered as well to
clients in the UK, France, and China.

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