Delivering Solutions through Microsoft Helpdesk Remote

The most common method of support system for a help desk is
via phone conversation with a customer and a technician. 
Where a customer describes the problem to the technician
and the latter tries to explain solution over the phone.  This
situation was found to be difficult to address both concerns and
have been found to be both costly on the part of the calling
parties.  Microsoft Help Desk has found a better way to
efficiently hold problems and solutions on the support desk
 through a built in feature within the Microsoft Windows XP
Professional.  This built in feature is known as Remote Assistance.

The Microsoft Help Desk Remote Assistance allows an employee
to give permission to a technician, an administrator, or a similar
expert to take a look into or control the employee’s computer. 
The employee sets a limited time period to this.  Remote
Assistance includes computer control, text chat, voice chat, and
 file sharing; everything is one simple friendly user interface.  
The Microsoft Help Desk Remote Assistance resolves the
problems addressed to technicians without the technician
having to sit down beside a complaining employee.  The chat
options are available for them to discuss the issues and need
not be connected through phone to discuss verbally. 
Discussions are also documented rather than said verbally
which allows employee to trace back whatever was missing
during the chat discussion.

With the Microsoft Helpdesk Remote Assistance, make your
 client’s be satisfied as you delivered solutions remotely over
the phone or online, and reduce cost as well.

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