Detailed Forms Covering the ISQTB Certification Program

Being certified is your key to success.  It is your next step towards career advancement.  The ISQTB Certification has 3 stage levels, namely the Foundation, Advanced and Expert.  This certification programs vary in terms of syllabus and requirements for test takers.  However, these three programs adapt to the following standards that software testers must conform.

The following are the detailed standard forms that forms part of the ISQTB certification-training syllabus:

1.  Test Plan.  It is a management planning document that describes how test will be done, who will perform, what is to be tested and how long the test will take  and what the scope will be.
2. Test Design Specification.  This details the test conditions and the results expected.  It also include the test pass criteria.
3.  Test Case Specification.  The form which specifies the test data  to be used during the test runs.
4.  Test Procedure Specification.  This details how each test run is to be done, including the set-up preconditions and the steps to be followed.
5.  Test Item Report Transmittal.  This form reports the progress of the tested  software components from one stage of testing to the next
6. Test Log.  Records tests cases  run, who ran them, in what order, and whether each test passed or failed
7. Test Incident Report.  Details the test failures, the actual result against the expected result.
8.  Test Summary Report. This is the final document that determines if the software system is fit for its purpose or has met acceptance criteria as defined by stakeholders. It summarizes the quality of test runs conducted by the team.

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