Details of the ISQTB Certifications

The ISTQB Certification Program is a qualification exam that is based on a syllabus, and hierarchy of qualifications and guidelines for accreditation and examination.  It comprises with 3 levels of certification such as Foundation, Advanced and Expert. On each level, the ISTQB affirms that people have been professionally tested for their amount of practical hands-on experience and ability to apply practical key ideas in their work areas.

Below are the details about each of the ISTQB Certification:
1. The Foundation Certification – the entry level certification that is design for those entering the field of software testing and for experienced practitioners who wish to start moving up their career and become ISTQB Certified.  The program syllabus covers topics on fundamentals of testing, testing the software lifecycle, static techniques, behavioral (black box) and structural (white box).  The training program is conducted 3 to 5 days.
2. The Advanced Certification – is a mid-level certification that is designed for those software testers with at least 5 years experience.  The program syllabus includes Advanced Test Analyst, Advanced Technical Test Analyst, and Advanced Test Manager. The program is conducted for 5 days.
3. The Expert Certification – is a certification designed for leaders in the software-testing field, which have 8 or more years of experience.  It is designed to ensure that consistent understanding and proven cutting edge techniques are properly executed.  The program syllabus includes test process improvement, test automation, test management and industry-specific test techniques.

The ISQTB also provides details of how examinations are undertaken, which are made available to interested software test takers in their website

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