Developerworks SOA and Web Services

Developerworks SOA and Web Services

Developerworks is an IBM resource for software developers. It contains tutorials, how-to articles, discussion forums, code samples, software downloads, blogs and other resources for technical professionals and developers.  The subjects range from open, industry related technologies like Linux, JAVA, SOA and Web services to IBM products.

In computing, SOA (Service-oriented architecture) is a term that is used to express a software architecture perspective, which defines the use of loosely coupled software services, to bolster the requirements of software users and business processes. It is an IT architectural style that supports integrating a business, as linked services or repeatable business tasks, that are accessible when required over a network. This network may exist entirely within the corporate headquarters, or it can be technologically and geographically diverse, combining services in different countries as though they have all been installed on the local desktop. When needed, these services can assemble themselves into an on-demand application. Business owners can enable their organization to adapt to any change in the requirements and conditions, in some cases even without human intervention. From a technical point of view, SOA results in a loosely coupled application of components, in which code is not tied to a particular database.

The most common technology standards that are used to implement SOA are Web services. However, they are not the only technology that can be used to develop SOA parts. Many SOAs integrate legacy data contained in technologies like Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). Most of these have been modified for the SOA environment, which may or may not use the Web services envelope. Actually, an SOA can be implemented by solely using CORBA, MQSeries or Remote Procedure Call (RPC). However, Web services are rapidly becoming the set standard to support SOA.


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