Developing of Enterprise Architecture Strategy is Important

Having all the needed knowledge and skills of being a good enterprise architect is the first step in becoming an asset for a certain organization. With enough knowledge and skills, one can truly be a helpful architect for the business enterprise. However, after gaining these enough knowledge and skills, professional architect’s development should never be stopped. It does not stop there since while enterprise architecture is continuously practiced, better and better processes are developed for more efficient organization service. Professionals who continuously enhance their knowledge and skills will surely be able to create even a single enterprise architecture strategy.

Enterprise architecture strategy is not the common framework or process in the enterprise architecture but this is a specialized method that was developed by an individual. This is a perspective, plan, pattern, and position that bridges between the tactics and the policy. With the different developed tactics and strategies, different ends will surely meet. But enterprise architecture strategy cannot be simply created since developing this need the combination of thoughts, insights, ideas, goals, experiences, expertise, perceptions, expectations, and memories. The goal of developing strategies is to provide a good guideline to achieve a specific goal using a certain action.

The competitive world of enterprise architecture needs strategies in order to do the work better. Basic knowledge like the frameworks, categories, simple guidelines, and methods only play as the ground in making a unique enterprise architecture strategy. Since there is no common strategy used for enterprise architect, the professional is the one being held responsible for developing and continuously enhancing his own strategy. Therefore, the greatness of one enterprise architecture strategy depends largely on the professional’s creativity on using his basic knowledge and skills.

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