Devising an Effective SQL Server Maintenance Plan

SQL servers are very dependable when it comes to providing storage for large data volume for a company. They are also great tools for creating easy business processes for routine jobs that are related to database management. And since they are working big time all day long for your organization, it is just but right that you also devise a SQL server maintenance plan. This would help the SQL server administrator in maintaining a working server for the organization. As they say it is better that you are prepared when some uncertainties happen rather than being caught off guard.

When devising an SQL server maintenance plan, you should not only think of those stuffs that would keep your server work better but you should also include measures on creating back ups for your server. These backups are important so that you can retrieve data should a problem occur leaving you with a wiped out data. It is also important that you have back ups for your transaction logs since these would help you trace the incidents that trigger the problem. This plan should also include the routine computing of your data statistics so that you would be able to manage the indexes and other data storage concerns.

One thing that can also help you devise the best SQL server maintenance plan is using the wizard in the Enterprise Manager. This will help you to easily create and implement the plan so that you can always have a very dependable SQL server for the organization.

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