Did IBM just change the game in private cloud?

The new capabilities include support for VMware’s VIM APIs in a variety of Tivoli tools, including image repositories, automated provisioning, application deployment and Tivoli Storage Manager (integrating TSM and VMware heretofore has not been pretty).

…The upshot, Vouk said, is that when these enhancements are generally available — which could be quite some time — operators will not have to juggle vCenter and Tivoli in a mixed environment.

…If IBM can pull together its wealth of infrastructure automation software and make it work across the most common commodity hardware and virtualization platforms out there, it may dominate over other claimants to the private cloud.

…She said that, for an enterprise to actually operate a cloud computing environment, fundamental building block in process were necessary, like service oriented architecture(SOA) principles, infrastructure automation and business process automation — all of which IBM has major stakes in across its business units.

…If IBM can keep its act together on this cloud platform program and deliver an end product that lives up to the promise, it will become the primary competition not only for VMware and its management tools but Microsoft, HP and all the rest.


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