Different Courses Offered by Siebel University

Since Siebel is known for the customer relationship management, the courses that the Siebel University offers are almost all related to CRM. Although Siebel has been already acquired by Oracle, the parent company still pursues the different courses that the Siebel University is offering. Among the most famous of these courses is the preparatory learning to get a Siebel Consultant Certification. However, aside from this, there are still other courses offered by the university. These courses can be divided into the Siebel core course and Siebel analytics courses.

Included to the core courses of Siebel University are the Core Consultant Course, Implementation Case Study, Essentials of Siebel 7.7, Guidelines and Case Study for Business Analysts, and Siebel Fundamentals for Business Analysts. For the Siebel Analytics courses, one may find the Data Warehouse Developer Case Study, Advanced Data Warehouse Developer, Application Developer for Siebel 7.7, Application Developer Case Study, Advanced Application Developer, Server Architect for Siebel 7.7, Server Architect Case Study, and Advanced Server Architect.  Aside from these two major divisions of courses, Siebel University also offers other courses like the Application Administration, Integrating Siebel Applications, Marketing Manager, Server Architect, and Migration Training Workshop.

The different courses offered by Siebel University are in lined with its objective to provide education to different professionals. This way, the business organization can fully use the great functions and features of the different Siebel applications. Success between the business enterprise and the software provider will be ensured with proper education from Siebel University.

Siebel University also offers its courses worldwide since it has its Siebel virtual classrooms where the students can learn the lessons at the comfort of their computers.

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