Different Enterprise Architecture Jobs According to TOGAF

In general, enterprise architecture is used in an organization to logically systematize the IT infrastructure and business processes. Some also see this practice as the one reflecting the standardization and integration of various requirements of the organization’s operating model. But to TOGAF, or The Open Group Architecture Framework, enterprise architecture is a nobler thing. The TOGAF’s definition and framework is now what most business enterprises are using to define the different associated enterprise architecture jobs.

With TOGAF, the enterprise architecture jobs include the orderly approach to designing, planning, implementing, and governing of the information architecture. This process is usually modeled using the four domains or levels which are the business, data, application, and technology. Using these TOGAF standards, the enterprise architecture jobs become more orderly. Therefore, better service for the business enterprise is rendered by many professionals following the TOGAF standard.

Moreover, TOGAF also describes the different enterprise architecture jobs. These jobs include the process of describing the methodology that will be used to define the organization’s information system using a set of various building blocks. These jobs should also be able to show how these building blocks can fit together. Containing a set of needed tools is also essential to the different enterprise architecture jobs. These processes should also give a general vocabulary for the IT infrastructures. Some side enterprise architecture jobs include a list of the different recommended standards for the process and the compliant products which are useful in implementing the defined building blocks.

The various enterprise architecture jobs are very crucial. But with the help of TOGAF standards, these become easier to understand and follow.

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