Different Tasks of CMM Architects

Different organizations are aiming to get certification for the CMM or the Capability Maturity Model in order to prove that their Information Technology is reliable for service. Among the many ways that most organizations do in order to satisfy the CMM evaluation is to get credible and competent CMM architects. These are the individuals who are responsible for maintaining and even enhancing the IT programs and devices of a certain organization.

To name one organization that has developed its own group of CMM architects is the US Department of Commerce. In fact, this organization has what they call as IT Architecture Capability Maturity Model or ACMM used to aid during the conduct of their own IT assessments. What the ACMM will do is to provide the organization with a framework that represents the various key components of a productive IT architecture process. Just like many other organization that has their own CMM architects, the goal here is to develop the overall impact of the IT architecture through identifying which of the different areas are still weak and needs specific improvements. Thus, overall architecture process of the company may also be improved through the CMM architects.

Continuous development of the architecture CMM is needed for all the levels of evaluation for the CMM. The first level, which is the Initial, is also the stage called as the underway of the information IT architecture process. For the level two, the CMM architects are busy developing the architecture process. When the process is already in its third level, the CMM architects have already defined the IT architecture that includes the detailed written report. Next, the IT architects has already managed and measured the process. The last level is of course the continuous improvement of the IT architecture process.

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