Different Types of Quality Assurance Software Testing

There are many types of quality assurance software testing.  As the name implies, these types of tests ensure that the application being developed will work perfectly in any environment and will deliver its promised functionalities.   Quality testing of software is normally undertaken by program developers although hardware manufacturers are also required to test their products.  The following are some of the most common quality assurance testing for software and computer hardware.

First is the so-called compatibility QA test.  Compatibility testing is designed for computer programs and applications.  This type of test determines if the software can run on any operating system, hardware platform, and web application.  Through this test, system conflict could be avoided. 

Another quality assurance test for software is functional testing.  Computer hardware is also required to undergo functional testing.  This type of QA testing ensures that the product will perform as expected.  Functional testing protects the users from being shortchanged because of non-existent software functionality.  When a functional quality test is undertaken, every listed specification of the application will be tested if it is working perfectly.

Stress testing is also an important aspect of quality control especially for computer hardware.  Stress testing will test how the hardware will perform under extreme condition beyond its specified limitations.  The test will determine what parts or component of the hardware will breakdown first if exposed to stressful use.  This type of test is carried out in order to know the durability of PC hardware.  It is also a good test to know what factors should be avoided in order to protect the system’s hardware.

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