Different Types of Software Development Testing

Software development testing is very critical to the entire life cycle of any computer program or application.  A computer program or software is intended to run flawlessly.  This is to give end users full performance capability of the software so that they can get the value of their IT investments.  If an application has full of bugs and encounters numerous fatal errors, then it would be useless for individual and enterprise users.  Likewise, if the application does not conform to the compatibility standards for software development, it could only reach a small percentage of the market.  The profitability of the software then would be compromised.  Developers therefore are always making sure that they run their software through a testing stage before they offer its full version to the general public.

There are different software development testing that can be used by application developers.  The most common is open beta and limited beta testing.  The full version of the software will be released to end users with the end view of determining the actual performance of the application in real conditions.  There is also intra-corporate beta testing wherein the software is deployed on a targeted IT environment with limited scope.  This type of testing is generally employed especially on customized software that will be used only by a particular enterprise. 

Other developers on the other hand are utilizing software development testing during the course of writing the program.  This is a more economical way of software testing because it will not involve full program release.  However, this is also risky because the software will not be tested on actual conditions. 

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