Digging the News with Information Systems Research

Have you ever thought about where to get all these pieces of information that you need to keep you up-to-date with all the buzz and happenings in the world of Information Systems?  Or have you been tied-up with the same sites and journals which potentially give you all the same bits of information all the time?  Well, worry no more, because there is one journal site that you can rely into for all your information systems trivia needs – the Information Systems Research.

The Information Systems Research or ISR is like a working electronic diary of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences or the INFORMS.  The INFORMS helps all IS enthusiasts all over world by sharing all of its pertinent information to make an easy understanding of what is happening the in the industry of Information Systems.  The ISR or the Information Systems Research is a collection of relevant information from exceptional theorists and information technologist who greatly focus on furthering the field of information systems; more to that, the researches and publications made by these experts are freely shared to everyone so they can fuse the theories of information systems in advancing and developing the field of information technology. 

The Information Systems Research does not delimit the sharing of knowledge from experts alone.  In fact, the ISR is willing accepting any journals or publications from any private individual whose interest and knowledge is exceptionally valuable to the society and the entire arena of information systems.  There will be some group of experts in the field who will assess, evaluate, and analyze if the submission passes the standards and contain valuable information. 

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