Dilbert ISO 9000: True Or Joke

ISO 9000 is said to be one of the best ISO standards. And it is quite popular to many companies as well. In fact, since this family of standards is focused on quality management, it has been utilized to replace Total Quality Management. Others though found it to be a good framework to aid the implementation of the model instead.

However, not all users of the standard have accepted it with open arms. Some product design engineers see it as a being already a given. It seems a mere common sense for them to implement the said requirements in the company.

In this sense, the cartoon character, Dilbert, perhaps agree to them. The comic strip, Dilbert Gives the Business, is divided into sections describing various parts of the business. There’s a section on the different jobs in the office. And then there’s the section where the main character, Dilbert would describe job difficulties and make fun of several aspects of the business or the corporations.

Dilbert has been seen to refer the ISO 9000 as being wasteful. Well, although it provides benefits and the certification is a requirement in some industries, it’s also a voluntary compliance in others. Getting the certification can be quite expensive so some companies may actually opt not to get the certification.

Now as to whether Dilbert’s view on this is quite accurate, many would argue that Dilbert may have a point. And judging from the comic strip’s popularity, they say that perhaps Dilbert might be speaking some level of truth as well.

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