Disaster Recovery In Florida: Debris Removal Through Contractor

The hurricane Katrina left the state of Florida with massive damages, leaving people homeless and
buildings destroyed. This extensive damage includes blown out trees, windows, broken glasses, and
knocked down power lines. Debris removal is one of the first steps undertaken by many contractors to
recover the state of Florida. These contractors were called into service to pull away trees and other debris
on the road.
Rebuilding the damaged city is hard work. Recovering from the trauma brought about by the disaster is
even harder.  That is why during this time, contractors, volunteers and disaster recovery experts worked
hand in hand to help the city regain its normal functions and restore normal operations as soon as possible.
A disaster recovery plan is needed to develop an effective way to mitigate the damages and help the people
reconstruct their houses and start a new life. The state of Florida took the responsibility to help its people
and businesses in repairing condominiums, houses and businesses.

In disasters like this, every state should be prepared in having a definite disaster recovery plan. Without
proper planning, it will be difficult for residents of Florida to ask for support and get back to their
properties. Business continuity plan should also be implemented even in private institutions as well as
government agencies. In cases of a disaster such as this, it is important for both the private sector and the
government to provide strategic plans that will help avoid the delays and difficulties brought about by
improper disaster recovery planning.

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