Disaster Recovery Measures in the Data Center

The data center holds all valuable information that the company needs to ensure business continuity. However, there are times wherein threats may come along the way, which may cause losing every bit of information that is considered critical to business operations. Such threats vary from natural to human-inflicted errors. There are also some who intentionally steal such data and use them for their own good. Hackers can easily penetrate the data center if information security is not taken seriously.

Having these possibilities in mind, most companies have resorted to data center disaster recovery aside from the usual countermeasures that are implemented to lessen, if not totally avoid the presence of threats. There are actually two steps to consider in starting the much needed data center disaster recovery plan for your organization.

When dealing with data center disaster recovery, the first step to think about is the acceptable loss that the company can endure. Say for example, if you are working in a financial institution, is an hour good enough to restore lost data without really impacting the whole operation of the business? Though there may be protection that you can rely on from database backups, determining this will definitely guide you on what to do when a threat present itself unexpectedly.

The second step would be checking if loss of access rights to the database is still be feasible for users in carrying out their day to day duties. By knowing this, you will be able to devise a strategy that has minimal impact to the business and to its users, but still restoring valuable data lost due to threats can still be performed. This may seem challenging but getting the right information is the key to successful disaster recovery plans.

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