Disaster Recovery Planning – No More Room for Mistakes

When a goal is carefully planned, there is an almost 100% assurance that it will be achieved. The margin of error depends on how careful the planning of steps is to meet certain objectives. There may be threats or risks involved in some decisions, but then again all these are a part of the game. At some point, adjustments have to be made and should be anticipated as part of the planning stage. With such dedication, determination and hard work, nothing is impossible. 

In this day and age of computing and Information Technology, disaster recovery planning should always be in place to ensure business continuity. It is essential that these step by step processes, which are carefully thought of, should be applied in times when crisis and emergency situations happen. There are also certain situations wherein the disaster recovery plan (DRP) should be updated on a regular basis to ensure high quality standards, especially when there are extra systems or devices added on the network. Due to the changes made to the system, testing should also be done when the need arises.

It has been said that almost 25% of company earnings are spent on disaster recovery planning. This is because losing any vital information also means losing money for the business, or worst, this may lead to company bankruptcy. Everything will be put into waste if a carefully planned disaster recovery process does not engage when such unfortunate situations happen. Just imagine computer records that contain every bit of information concerning your business vanished out of nowhere all of a sudden. Indeed, disaster recovery planning must be present at all times. Plan now, before it’s too late.

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