Disaster Recovery Through Disk Based Backups

Companies will never know when the next disaster will strike. With all the security
threats, terrorism attacks, hurricanes and illegal acts, no one can fully guarantee a secured
environment these days.

In IT, data protection is probably the most important aspect to prepare for in times of
calamities. This is a critical requirement for most companies especially those with large
enterprises. In a large enterprise, it is important to have a comprehensive backup scheme
to prevent losing essential data. Getting a traditional tape based backup may not work.
Other options may include storing data on remote offices. The only disadvantage of this
is that inexperienced staff or personnel take charge to ensure protection of the important
data. Restoring access on these data may also take awhile and there are downtime periods
that small and medium enterprises cannot actually afford.

To solve this backup problem, companies can now take advantage of disk based backups
that can restore the normal operations quickly. This is more reliable than any of the
traditional backup solutions that cannot guarantee fast retrieval of data. This will reduce
time and cost for companies who want to save more money. This solution will prevent
the company from loosing important backup time and will allow them to retrieve the data
in cases of disaster. This solution can also backup data on remote offices in the company.
Automated protection is the best solution to protect information of companies. It will not
only help the organization during disaster recovery but it will also ease the hard work of
employees in restoring lost information and data.


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