Dissecting a CISSP Prep Guide

Though laymen may not realize it, the CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional) form of IT certification is really sought after by many employers. This is because the CISSP is not usually sought after by IT people (especially those new to the information systems security field) unless they have had some experience in the job market already. The reason CISSP is so highly regarded by those in the know is that the CISSP exam is really, really hard (as IT certification exams go) so passing it is really a major feat in itself. Thus, you need a CISSP Prep Guide that will help you solve any curveball that the CISSP exam makers throw your way during the exam.

Your CISSP Prep Guide should first introduce you to the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (the CBK, in IT parlance) that is subdivided into 10 so-called domains. The CISSP Prep Guide should rely on a predominantly conceptual approach to learning, coupled with an emphasis on imbibing best practices in the field. This does not mean that you should dive into this field intent on memorizing the itty-bitty details that go into installation, configuration, and maintenance of software and hardware used for IT security systems. Yes, at some point in your career you will need to do that, but not when you are preparing for CISSP accreditation. Rather, your CISSP Prep Guide should teach you about the design, implementation and maintenance of information security systems, with emphasis on general knowledge of concepts, terms used, as well as tools and techniques that can help make those IT security systems more robust and effective. Instead of being mired down in technical know-how this early in the game, the CISSP Prep Guide should make you aware first of the appropriate and well-accepted information systems security approaches being used nowadays, so that you pass the exam and become a CISSP first.

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